Malcolm Insulation manufacturers, distributes and sells various types of insulation to trade, building companies and the public throughout Scotland and across the UK*. We stock the following generic types of insulation;

  • Extruded Polystyrene Foams 
  • Glass/Rock Fibre Batts
  • Glass Fibre Quilts 
  • High Performance Foil Boards 
  • Insulated Plasterboards - Batts
  • Expanded Polystyrene 
  • Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)
  • Gas Membranes

Malcolm supply material to builder’s merchants, house builders, flooring contractors, ground work contractors, joiners, metal partitioning fitters and the public.

* full trailer loads

Reasons to Buy from Malcolm

  • Good price, good service, quick response to either technical information or delivery of product and easy deal with.
  • With technical specifications, thermal values and building regulations becoming ever more complex we will advise you on the most suitable insulation to match your requirements be it loft insulation, sound proofing or ground work, and always with a view to the best price.
  • We break bulk and manage orders from ALL construction sectors. Minimum orders from manufacturers start at 40ft trailer loads whereas Malcolm provides and delivers small orders right down to extension/loft conversion quantities.


Ordering online or by phone is straightforward and simple. Buyers and contracts managers contact us with a basket of required products. We go through the range together and highlight where alternative insulation would be suitable at a more competitive price or where the supply lead time dove-tails with your schedule.

Technical Support

Malcolm’s are happy to review plans with clients to help guide you in your insulation requirements and keep you on the right side of building regulations. We’ll interpret technical specifications which we live and breathe but can be a challenge to users not familiar with industry terms.

Building control frequently refer people to Malcolm’s as we are known for giving fair and accurate advice in aiding builders and small developers with the increasingly complex field of insulation values.



Free of charge* delivery is offered throughout West of Scotland, Edinburgh, the Borders and Perthshire. All deliveries arrive within 72 hours of ordering however with our vast range and depth of stock in our warehouse normal practice sees the bulk of deliveries sent out within 24 hours.

* subject to our minimum ordering requirements

Delivery times are Monday – Friday, 8am - 5pm.

All customers are emailed with specific details of delivery including confirmation of time and place. Delivery schedules can be arranged to accommodate specific requests, e.g. staggering large loads to avoid stockpiling material onsite.

Large bulk orders are often shipped direct from the supplier reducing needless delays and costs.

We will advise on load quantities as few sites want four trailer loads of material arriving on site in one delivery. Understanding your timetable helps us deliver product onsite as and when it is required avoiding log jams.

Wherever possible we will accommodate orders. When there’s a slip up in ordering on site we frequently receive orders in the morning and have the material on site by afternoon. Not always possible but if it can be done it will be done.

Quality Certification

All insulation material is British Agrément approved and accompanied by specification certificates denoting the appropriate European standards, thermal figures, fire standards, compressive standards and all other standards to which insulation must comply. All certificates are independently approved and material testing is conducted to the highest and most stringent industry standards.